Your Final Dwarf Hammy Tips‏

How are you and your dwarf hammy?

Well, this is our final set of
dwarf hamster tips, and because of that, today's topic is a
good to make your dwarf hamster happy!

** Living Space **

First, consider increasing your dwarf hamster's living
space. These guys may be small, but that doesn't mean you
should keep them in a tiny cage! A 20-gallon aquarium or a
large plastic tote could give your pet more play space ...
to us it's only a few dollars, but to them it's like
doubling the size of their house and gives them 'room to

** Toys **

Give your dwarf hammy toys. You can provide some wooden
rodent toys for him or her to chew, but there are plenty of
things lying around your house that make perfect hamster

Try giving your pet toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls,
and wrapping-paper rolls. They just love to chew and
explore the tubes.

Hamsters also love PVC pipe, wicker baskets and even
coconut shells! Make sure anything you give your pet is
non-toxic and NOT soft plastic. (Dwarf hamsters can ingest
soft plastic from toys and die from intestinal blockages).

** The Exercise Ball **

This will give your dwarf hammy a great change of pace
from running on the wheel. If you didn't know, an exercise
ball is a clear plastic sphere that you can place your
hamster in so he can explore and exercise without getting
hurt or lost.

Always keep the ball away from any stairs or anywhere your
pet could fall, like a bed. Also make sure no dogs or cats
are in the room.

** Surprise -- SAND!!! **

Dwarf hamsters are desert creatures, and they love sand.
You can make your pet his own personal sandbox with a
margarine container and sand that is designed for children's

Cut a door into the margarine container about 1 to 1 1/2
inches from the bottom. Cut a hole big enough for your
hamster to enter. Then fill the margarine container with
sand, up to about 3/4 of an inch.

Your dwarf hammy will bathe in the sand. It may also make
a part of the container into a potty. The hamster will bury
feces similar to the way a cat does. You can remove it
every day with a spoon, or just throw the sand away every
day and start over.

Be sure not to put damp sand in the margarine container.
You can bake it in a cake pan for a few minutes to get rid
of the dampness and to sterilize the sand.

** Social Interaction with People**

Your dwarf hamster will need daily social stimulation, so
play with him every day. Timing is important. Hamsters are
nocturnal, so they aren't going to be very playful in the
middle of the afternoon.

Early evening is a good time to socialize with your pet.

Be careful where you choose to play with your hamster.
Children can start by playing with their pet in a dry
bathtub. Or two children can put their feet together while
sitting across from each other to form an inescapable "wall"
with their legs.

Before I sign off, I want to say
THANK YOU for sticking with me for these past two weeks. I
hope these tips help in enhancing both you and your dwarf
hamsters lives. If you enjoyed this course and would like
to continue learning how to give your dwarf hammy a happy
and healthy life, take one more look at my book:

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Here's to all the joy a happy dwarf hamster can bring to
your family!


George and the Dwarf Hammies :-)

George Grayson
Author of "The Complete Guide to Dwarf Hamster Care"


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