Your Final Dwarf Hammy Tips‏

How are you and your dwarf hammy?

Well, this is our final set of
dwarf hamster tips, and because of that, today's topic is a
good to make your dwarf hamster happy!

** Living Space **

First, consider increasing your dwarf hamster's living
space. These guys may be small, but that doesn't mean you
should keep them in a tiny cage! A 20-gallon aquarium or a
large plastic tote could give your pet more play space ...
to us it's only a few dollars, but to them it's like
doubling the size of their house and gives them 'room to

** Toys **

Give your dwarf hammy toys. You can provide some wooden
rodent toys for him or her to chew, but there are plenty of
things lying around your house that make perfect hamster

Try giving your pet toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls,
and wrapping-paper rolls. They just love to chew and
explore the tubes.

Hamsters also love PVC pipe, wicker baskets and even
coconut shells! Make sure anything you give your pet is
non-toxic and NOT soft plastic. (Dwarf hamsters can ingest
soft plastic from toys and die from intestinal blockages).

** The Exercise Ball **

This will give your dwarf hammy a great change of pace
from running on the wheel. If you didn't know, an exercise
ball is a clear plastic sphere that you can place your
hamster in so he can explore and exercise without getting
hurt or lost.

Always keep the ball away from any stairs or anywhere your
pet could fall, like a bed. Also make sure no dogs or cats
are in the room.

** Surprise -- SAND!!! **

Dwarf hamsters are desert creatures, and they love sand.
You can make your pet his own personal sandbox with a
margarine container and sand that is designed for children's

Cut a door into the margarine container about 1 to 1 1/2
inches from the bottom. Cut a hole big enough for your
hamster to enter. Then fill the margarine container with
sand, up to about 3/4 of an inch.

Your dwarf hammy will bathe in the sand. It may also make
a part of the container into a potty. The hamster will bury
feces similar to the way a cat does. You can remove it
every day with a spoon, or just throw the sand away every
day and start over.

Be sure not to put damp sand in the margarine container.
You can bake it in a cake pan for a few minutes to get rid
of the dampness and to sterilize the sand.

** Social Interaction with People**

Your dwarf hamster will need daily social stimulation, so
play with him every day. Timing is important. Hamsters are
nocturnal, so they aren't going to be very playful in the
middle of the afternoon.

Early evening is a good time to socialize with your pet.

Be careful where you choose to play with your hamster.
Children can start by playing with their pet in a dry
bathtub. Or two children can put their feet together while
sitting across from each other to form an inescapable "wall"
with their legs.

Before I sign off, I want to say
THANK YOU for sticking with me for these past two weeks. I
hope these tips help in enhancing both you and your dwarf
hamsters lives. If you enjoyed this course and would like
to continue learning how to give your dwarf hammy a happy
and healthy life, take one more look at my book:

This mini course is only a fraction of the information
available in my book.

It's fully refundable if you're not satisfied (any time
for two whole months after you get it), and for a very
limited time (while I gather testimonials and recover costs
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Here's to all the joy a happy dwarf hamster can bring to
your family!


George and the Dwarf Hammies :-)

George Grayson
Author of "The Complete Guide to Dwarf Hamster Care"

Successfully Adopting Your Dwarf Hammy

How are you and your Dwarf Hamster?
(Do you have one yet?)

If not, I hope you've been thinking of appropriate names.
Today is all about finding the healthiest - and consequently
- the happiest dwarf hamsters!

As I mentioned in the first e-mail, although the pet store
is a popular place to adopt a dwarf hamster, it may not be
the best. Don't discount several other very good sources of

The first is the classified ads of your local newspaper.
You just may find a dwarf hamster that needs a loving home.
Of course, there is one disadvantage in this. You don't
know his "heritage" or how he's been treated. So, if you
take this route to adoption, don't be shy about asking lots
of questions.

What type of questions, you ask? Well, for starters, why
the family has decided it needs to find him another home.
Also, ask what type of personality this little dwarf
has . . . whether he nips . . . and also about what he's
been being fed and what his needs are when it comes to daily

You can always search the internet for a good dwarf hamster,
as well. You may not realize this, but you can adopt a
great dwarf hamster from a professional breeder. Just like
you'd go to a dog breeder for a purebred canine, you go to a
dwarf hamster breeder to find a quality purebred hamster.

And there are definite advantages to this. In this way,
you'll know not only the exact birthday of your little pet,
but you also know more about his parents. And that's not
just for social reasons.

If you know about his parents, then you have a heads up on
what potential health problems may creep up on him - or if
you can expect him to live a healthy life.

And if you ever decide you want to breed hamsters yourself,
then you have a much better idea of what to expect the
offspring to look like, what their colors may be, and what
their temperament might be, as well.

Don't think you have any dwarf hamster breeders in your area?
You may not, but then again, how often have you actually
searched for this specialized profession?

You may want to start your search at a county fair or even a
state fair. Many times, dwarf hamsters are shown there -
along with the rabbits, miniature horses and other animals.

And if you can't find what you're looking for there, you can
certainly ask around. Someone certainly can help point you
in the proper direction.

Don't give up on your hunt for the perfect dwarf hamster!
You'll find him!

Anyway - might I kindly enlist your support for my ongoing
Dwarf Hamster research by asking you to take one more look
at my book "The Complete Guide to Dwarf Hamster Care"? It's
everything you need to know about dwarf hamsters in one
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Thanks in advance for your help!

All The Best,

George and the Dwarf Hammies :-)

George Grayson
Author of "The Complete Guide to Dwarf Hamster Care"

Protect Your Dwarf Hamster‏

today we'll be talking about
a particularly harmful dwarf hamster disease.

Yes, it's true! Your dwarf hamster has the potential, when
you bring him home, of getting a disease known to hamsters
and several other animals as wet tail.

And this is no easy feat, considering that the majority of
dwarf hamsters don't even have tails. Wet tail is the more
common name of a disease - usually brought on by stressful
situations and less than clean conditions - in which your
hamster has developed a serious case of diarrhea. Hence the
name, wet tail.

Wet tail, however, is far more than just a bad case of the
"runs." The diarrhea is caused by bacteria that can, within
48 hours, be lethal to your new friend. So, when you bring
your friend home, even though you don't want to touch him
much initially (as mentioned in the lesson on getting your
dwarf hammy to accept you), do check in on him frequently.

If your new hamster has wet tail, he'll appear lethargic,
will not have much energy, he won't want to eat and he'll
stop grooming himself.

You can also tell by the look in his eyes that something is
not well. The eyes will appear dull and sunken. The hamster
affected with wet tail may sit "hunched up" (you'll know
this as soon as you see this!) and he may be irritable. The
irritability is quite understandable since he's in quite a
bit of pain in the abdominal area.

If you notice that he has a bad case of diarrhea, take him
to the veterinarian immediately. Don't hesitate.

You'll want to make sure, though, that you find a vet that
is knowledgeable in rodents. Not every animal doctor is!

**Remember, wet tail is usually brought on by stressful
situations and less than clean conditions - the better you
care for your dwarf hammy, the healthier he'll be.

Here's to happier and healthier dwarf hammies!

If you liked this lesson you will LOVE my book!:

All The Best,

George and the Dwarf Hammies :-)

George Grayson
Author of "The Complete Guide to Dwarf Hamster Care"

PS. My book includes all the common dwarf hamster
illnesses and ailments as well as the best courses of
treatment. So if you want to learn even more about the
health of your dwarf hammy, why not take a look:

Check Out These Cool Dwarf Hammy Videos

Do Dwarf Hamsters make you smile?

Permit me please a break from our dwarf hamster tips to
share some of my favorite dwarf hamster videos.

If you like dwarf hamsters, I'll bet you can't watch some of
these without smiling. (No fair holding your breath ...
that would be cheating!)

Two dwarf hammies on one wheel
(remember to get one wheel per hammy!):

The cutest litter of babies:

Running a cool obstacle course the owner made:

Thanks again for your support,

All The Best,

George and the Dwarf Hammies :-)

George Grayson

Author of "The Complete Guide to Dwarf Hamster Care

PS. I'm happy to report that Mumphry is no longer chewing on
his cage ;-)

kena jaga kesihatan dan kebersihan hamster

Sampai satu peringkat, saya mempunyai sembilan ekor hamster tetapi akhirnya hanya tinggal dua ekor kerana dijangkiti penyakit, stress dan mati kerana pergaduhan. Anda mungkin tidak percaya kalau saya beritahu anda yang hamster anda boleh menghidapi stroke, mahupun diabetis. Seperti penyakit manusia, bukan? Jadi, untuk memastikan tahap kesihatan hamster dalam keadaan yang optimum, anda perlulah:

  • 1. Memastikan makanan yang disediakan ditukar setiap kali waktu makan. Buang sisa makanan walaupun banyak makanan yang tidak habis, dan ganti dengan makanan yang baru. Hal ini amat penting kerana makanan itu mungkin lemau, basi, dan mungkin dah dijangkiti kuman. Jadi, elakkan mencampurkan makanan yang baru dan lama dalam satu bekas, biarpun anda hendak berjimat.
  • 2. Memastikan air minuman yang fresh diganti setiap selang 2 hingga 3 hari bagi mengelakkan air tidak berkeladak kerana dibiarkan terlalu lama tidak berganti. Penting untuk mengelakkan hamster anda cirit birit atau sakit perut.
  • 3. Memastikan habuk kayu ditukar sebaik sahaja warnanya bertukar kepada warna gelap dan berbau hamis kencing mereka. Digalakkan menukar setiap hari, tetapi bagi yang sibuk, anda boleh menukarnya setiap 3 hari sekali. Habuk kayu yang kotor tidak berganti akan meningkatkan lagi risiko hamster anda untuk dijangkiti penyakit.
  • 4. Memastikan hamster anda cukup tidur. Hamster adalah haiwan nocturnal iaitu haiwan yang berjaga sepanjang waktu malam, dan tidur pada waktu siang. Jadi, amat digalakkan tidak menggangu si comel anda ketika mereka sedang tidur bagi mengelakkn mereka stress dan boleh membawa kepada kematian.
  • 5. Memastikan hamster anda tidak bergaduh. Wow, macam mana tu? Dalam sesebuah sangkar, akan ada hamster jantan yang ingin menjadi ketua, maka sekiranya anda telah berjaya mempunyai banyak hamster, maka amat tidak digalakkan mencampurkan hamster jantan yang masih kecil dalam satu sangkar yang mengandungi hamster jantan yang sudah besar. Pergaduhan akan berlaku dan sekiranya anda lambat mengasingkan mereka, kematian si kecil akan berlaku.
  • 6. Memastikan hamster anda tidak mengigit soft plastic, kerana perut mereka tidak boleh menghadam plastic dan boleh membawa kematian.
  • 7. Anda perlulah kerap bermain dan berbual dengan hamster anda terutama pada waktu berjaga mereka untuk merangsang emosi positif mereka. Jangan biarkan mereka berasa diabaikan dan boleh membawa kepada stress.
  • 8. Oh, ya! Jangan sesekali terniat untuk mandikan hamster walaupun terdapat buih sabun untuk hamster, walaupun disuruh mandi dengan air yang suam. Mereka mandi dengan cara tersendirir. Menerusi pengalaman saya, hamster anda akan mengalami selsema berpanjangan jika tidak dirawat dan akan membawa kepada kematian.
  • 9. Sesekali anda boleh membawa hamster anda berjalan luar dari sangkar anda untuk menghirup udara segar, seperti berjalan di atas lantai, padang rumput. Tetapi pastikan tidak ada semut, kucing atau sebarang bahaya di sekeliling anda. Tetapi ingat, hamster apabila dilepaskan, mereka akan berlari laju dan mungkin anda sukar untuk menangkapnya kembali.

Okay, jadi sampai di sini dahulu sebelum kita bersambung kepada post lain mengenai apakah penyakit-penyakit hamster yang perlu anda tahu. Jumpa lagi =)

Toys For Your Dwarf Hammy‏

Here's a great tip on something your dwarf hamster is
bound to be interested in... Toys! This tip is taken from
the book "Homemade Hamster Toys - For Dwarf Hamsters" (one
of four F'ree bonuses that come with my book, "The Complete
Guide to Dwarf Hamster Care").

- Have you ever thought about making a homemade toy for
your dwarf hamster (maybe a cool hut) but weren't sure about
the safety of glue? Well, an alternative to glue is rice.
That's right! Well steamed, sticky rice is great for
holding things together. And best of all you won't have to
worry about your dwarf hamster digesting any toxic glues if
he chews on his toys.

And while we're on the topic, I received a question the
other day about chew toys:
I fear I may not have everything that is necessary, such as
a chew toy. My hamster, named Mumphry, likes to chew on his
cage, and I was wondering if you knew any good homemade chew
toys that I could use?

Thanks and hope you can help,


A chew toy is very important for a dwarf hamster.
Hamster teeth grow like our nails do. If they don't get
trimmed, they won't stop growing! Which is why Mumphry is
chewing on his cage - he's keeping his teeth in check!

To answer Lily's question, a small twig can make a great
dwarf hamster chew toy and can work just as well as one from
a pet store - just make sure it hasn't been sprayed with any
pesticides or chemicals.

If you'd like to get all the dwarf hamster secrets in one
place, please see ...

If you like these tips you'll LOVE the book! (Plus, of
course, it's VERY affordable and fully refundable if you
don't like it for ANY reason at all)

All The Best,

George and the Dwarf Hammies :-)

George Grayson
Author of "The Complete Guide to Dwarf Hamster Care"

PS - I'm currently giving away
four bonuses completely F'REE with my book.
Why don't you take a look ...

jangan lupa barang keperluan hamster

Hmm. Tentang barang keperluan hamster. Dulu, saya hanya fikir, barang keperluan hamster hanyalah sangkar dan makanan. Rupanya saya silap. Jadi sekarang, saya akan cerita kenapa kita mesti ada duit paling sedikit pun RM 70.

Barang-barang keperluan untuk memelihara hamster:

  • Sangkar. Hmm, memandangkan anda telah pun Berjaya memilih dan memberi nama yang comel kepada dua ekor hamster anda, anda memerlukan sebuah sangkar. Sangkar yang dipilih bergantung kepada saiz sangkar yang anda mahu. Sangkar yang paling kecil, yang boleh memuatkan satu hingga dua ekor hamster berharga dalam lingkungan RM15-RM18. Kalau anda mempunyai duit lebih, anda belilah sangkar sederhana besar yang berharga dalam lingkungan RM 40-RM50. Tetapi, saya pada permulaanya hanya beli sangkar kecil, RM15.
  • Makanan. Hmm, hamster makan apa ye? Ramai yang saya soalan itu. Jawapan dia senang sahaja. Kuaci. Selain itu, hamster suka juga makan bijiran seperti oat, barli, beras, jagung (semua dalam keadaan kering). Terdapat juga makanan campuran yang mengandungi daging, dan sayur. Saya syorkan anda membeli kuaci sahaja sekiranya anda tidak mempunyai bajet yang cukup. Ada kuaci yang dijual dalam paket (kedap udara) dan ada yang dijual secara lambak. Saya syorkan anda beli kuaci (atau apa jua makanan) yang sudah siap dipaket kerana terjamin makanan tersebut tidak lemau. Harga kuaci yang dipaket, dalam lingkungan RM2-RM8 bergantung pada kualiti kuaci tersebut.
  • Habuk kayu (Wood flakes). Ini amat penting untuk menjadi menyerap hasil buangan hamster anda. Ingat, kerap tukar habuk kayu apabila warnanya sudah berubah kepada kuning gelap bagi mengelakkan hamster anda jatuh sakit. Harganya dalam lingkungan RM 8- RM 10.
  • Vitamin. Vitamin ini terdapat dalam pelbagai jenis. Cara hendak menggunakannya, anda perlu mencampurkan beberapa cup dalam botol minuman hamster anda. Ada warna hijau, merah dan ada yang tidak berwarna. Saya syorkan anda beli vitamin yang bewarna hijau (Bengi-Vitamin for Rabbit, Hamster, Rat, Mouse and Small Animals) sebab ia amat berkesan untuk mengimbangi vitamin dalam badan, menghalang diarrhea dan sakit perut. Harga dalam pasaran bergantung pada lokasi, dalam lingkungan Rm5.80- RM 10.80.
  • Syampoo. Haa, jangan silap. Ini bukan sabun mandi, tetapi berupa spray yang akan kita gunakan untuk spray bulu hamster. Anda kena ingat bahawa, JANGAN SESEKALI CUBA UNTUK MANDIKAN HAMSTER ANDA, walau macam mana pun. Sebab, hamster tidak mandi. Jadi, syampoo ini berguna untuk membersihkan bulu, membasmi kutu dan menghilang bau. Harga dalam pasaran juga bergantung pada lokasi, dalam lingkungan RM 5.80- RM 10.80.
  • Botol air (Drinking water). Botol air memang sudah tersedia dalam sangkar yang dah pun anda beli. Tetapi kalau hendak beli tambahan, harga bergantung kepada kualiti dan saiz, dalam lingkungan RM 10.80- RM 17.
  • Roda (Wheel). Hamster adalah haiwan yang sangat aktif pada waktu malam dan suka bersenam. Wheel atau roda memang dah tersedia dalam sangkar tersebut tetapi digalakkan satu hamster, satu roda. Mungkin tidak menjadi masalah kalau dua hamster berkongsi satu roda, tetapi saya tetap syorkan anda menyediakan satu wheel untuk setiap ekor, supaya mereka tidak bergaduh. Harga wheel dalam lingkungan Rm10.80 dan ke atas.
  • Alat menggigit. Hamster suka chew, mengunyah. Sebab tu hamster anda ada kalanya menggigit besi sangkar anda. Sebab apa? Untuk mengasah gigi mereka yang sentiasa tumbuh. Alat mengigit ini terdapat dalam pelbagai bentuk. Ada yang berasaskan kapur dan juga kayu. Menerusi pemerhatian saya, hamster kebih sukakan alat mengigit yang berasaskan kayu. Harga dalam pasaran RM 10.80.
  • Bathing sand. Hamster tidak mandi, tetapi mereka mandi dengan cara tersendiri. Jika anda mempunyai kewangan yang lebih, anda boleh membeli satu tempat khas (toilet) untuk hamster anda bergumal dengan pasir yang anda letak di dalamnya. Anda boleh menggunakan pasir wangi ataupun pasir biasa. Harga dalam pasaran RM6.50-Rm13.

Hmm. Nampak gaya ini adalah antara barang keperluan untuk memelihara hamster. Jika anda orang baru, mulakan dengan membeli barang yang utama, seperti sangkar kecil (wheel dan botol air tersedia ada), makanan, habuk kayu dan vitamin. Harga semua dalam lingkungan RM 43. Tambah dengan dua ekor hamster anda yang berharga RM 10 setiap satu, bermakna anda perlukan RM 63 untuk memelihara hamster.

Okay, kita sambung lagi dalam post seterusnya, perkara yang perlu diingat dalam menjaga kebersihan dan kesihatan hamster anda supaya tidak ada yang jatuh sakit.Jumpa lagi =)

About Dwarf Hamster Baby Making...‏

Hey - Did you think you had two girls or two boys in the
same cage only to find that Henry became Henrietta? And you
only discovered this because Henrietta gave birth to even
smaller hamsters than herself?

Well, that's one way to jump into the breeding of dwarf
hammies. It's not the recommended method, that's for sure.

No, to be a successful hamster breeder, you need to know
your males from your females right from the start. And more
than that, you really need to know a little bit about the
genetics of their parents as well. After all, you're going
to have babies, and you'll want to make sure that not only
will they be pretty, but healthy as well.

The best age to breed a female is at about four months. Once
the female reaches the age of four months, you can put the
proud parents to be in the same cage. But be careful how
you introduce the two. Dwarf hamsters, the darling little
things they are, do have some territorial issues.

You can take the female and place her in the male's cage.
Or you can place the couple together on some neutral
territory. But don't place the male in the female's cage.
Your couple will take it from there. They'll sniff each
other. You'll notice the female freezes in a distinctive
position with her tail in the air. If the male hamster
hasn't mated before, he may get a little confused at this

This mating dance is best done in the evening as that's when
female hamsters, being the nocturnal creatures that they are,
come into season. They can stay in season for anywhere
between four and 24 hours. A female is fertile for only the
first year to 14 months of her life. But, evidently, nobody
has bothered to tell her that. She continues to come into
heat even after she attains this age.

Let me just clue you in on something, though. When your
female does get pregnant, she can have between 6 and 12 pups
(that's what the babies are called!) in a litter. I suggest
that you be prepared to know what you're going to do with
the young before they are born, because the females will be
able to have little ones themselves within just a few short
weeks of being born!

Listen - one last thing ... I was still hoping to get you to
consider purchasing my book "The Complete Guide to Dwarf
Hamster Care" ...

- I know that if you're on this list, you're definitely
interested in Dwarf Hamsters

- It costs very little (only $14.77)

- The Complete Guide to Dwarf Hamster Care was prepared as a
definitive guide. It contains my 20 years of experience as
well as some extensive research with real people (as well as
breeders and veterinarians) who own dwarf hamsters and want
to enhance your experience, help you find a dwarf hamster if
you don't yet have one, (and make you happier with your
dwarf hamsters if you do!)

- There's even a full chapter on responsibly breeding your
dwarf hamsters

- The book is fully guaranteed -
you can get a refund the very same day if you're not happy
with your purchase.

Could I ask you to please re-consider your decision not to
purchase in light of the above? (Of course, I'll continue
to send you valuable dwarf hamster tips each week regardless,
but I do support my website and mailing list via book
purchases, so if you're really interested I would love your

You can find the book at the URL below:

Alternatively, if you will not be purchasing, it would be
very helpful to me if you could respond to this email and
let me know why, so that I can improve my operations for
other dwarf hamster lovers in the future.

All The Best,

George and the Dwarf Hammies :-)

George Grayson
Author of "The Complete Guide to Dwarf Hamster Care"

cara nak pilih hamster

Anda berminat untuk pelihara hamster? Sebelum itu, pastikan anda mempunyai ciri-ciri berikut:
1. Pastikan anda ada minat mendalam dan sanggup belajar cara-cara yang betul untuk memelihara hamster,
2. Sanggup menanggung risiko ketika memelihara hamster sebab mereka pun ada perasaan, tekanan dan boleh menghidap pelbagai penyakit, dan
3. Anda ada duit. Hehe.

Mula-mula, saya rasa amat penting kalau anda ada duit paling sedikit pun dalam RM70. Jangan jadi macam saya. Pertama kali saya beli Pipi dan Einstein, saya hanya ada RM 46 dan disebabkan saya tak tau apa yang nak dibeli, jadi saya rasa memadai la kalau saya hanya beli dua ekor hamster dan sebuah sangkar. Tetapi, saya silap! Untuk membela dan memelihara hamster, anda memerlukan lebih daripada itu.

Jadi, sebelum kita pergi jauh lagi, tentang barang-barang yang perlu ada, saya nak berkongsi pengalaman bagaimana hendak memilih hamster sebagai haiwan peliharaan kita. Jeng jeng jeng.

Bila anda menjejaki kaki di kedai haiwan, pekerja akan segera melayan kita. Tanya apa yang kita nak beli. Bila dia tahu kita nak beli hamster, maka kita akan dibawa ke satu tempat yang mana terdapat satu bekas kaca sebesar akuarium yang menempatkan berpuluh-puluh anak hamster yang comel-comel, pelbagai warna berusia lebih kurang sebulan yang ready untuk dijual.
Perkara pertama yang saya hendak tekankan ialah: “Jangan terpedaya dengan tawaran pekedai”. Ambil masa untuk pilih hamster.

1. Jika anda hanya berminat untuk membela hamster satu jantina sahaja, maka saya tidak berapa galakkan. Kenapa? Sebab hamster adalah haiwan yang suka berkawan dan dia tak suka duduk dalam sangkar, bosan sorang-sorang. Jadi, belilah sepasang hamster.

2. Untuk mengenal hamster samada jantan atau betina amat mudah menerusi alat kelamin mereka. Hamster jantan, seperti mana yang kita semua maklum, mempunya testis. Untuk mengenal hamster betina, alat kelamin dan salur najis terletak berdekatan antara satu sama lain. Anda mungkin mengalami masalah untuk mengenal jantina hamster sekiranya mereka terlalu kecil. Tetapi, jangan bimbang, pekedai arif tentang jantina.

3. Selepas anda mengenal jantina, saya syorkan, jangan terus setuju untuk beli hamster tersebut. Perkara seterusnya, anda perlu pastikan, hamster tersebut tidak mengalami luka di badan, bulu tidak gugur, mulut tidak kudis, mata bersinar dan salur najis tidak “basah”. Ini adalah penting untuk memastikan hamster yang anda pilih itu adalah sihat. Tidak mengapa kalau anda hendak memelihara hamster yang kurang sihat, tetapi untuk orang yang baru, tidak digalakkan.

4. Setelah anda selesai dan berpuas hati dengan kesihatan hamster anda, maka, anda sudah selangkah menuju ke dunia hamster. =)

Okay, kita sambung lagi pada post seterusnya pada barang-barang keperluan hamster anda. Owh, ya. Jangan lupa bagi nama pada hamster anda. Mereka pasti suka jika anda memanggil mereka dengan nama yang comel. Jumpa lagi =)

Reduce Your Dwarf Hammy's Stress‏

Here are your dwarf hamster tips for today:

- One of the biggest ways to reduce your dwarf hammy's
stress and increase his health and energy is by allowing him
uninterrupted nap times... too many hamster owners wake their
hamsters in the middle of their naps just to play with them!
This miscommunication is due in part to their pet's unusual
choice of sleep and play time.

Dwarf hamsters are nocturnal creatures, which means about
the time you are ready to go to bed, they are rearin' to go!
So the best time to play with your dwarf hamster is in the
evening as he's starting his day. It's also not a good idea
to keep a hamster cage in a child's room as your hamster may
create some noise during the night.

Here are a few more extremely valuable Dwarf Hamster tips
for you. Did you know that:

- You should be careful when giving your dwarf hammy fruit.
Fruit serves great as an occasional treat, but don't overdo
it! Dwarf hamsters are prone to diabetes and giving them
too much fruit is simply too much sugar for their systems
and can pose a danger to their health.

- Dwarf hamsters are social creatures. While other hamster
species can't be housed together without trying to kill each
other, dwarf hamsters can live together happily under the
same roof. These guys live best as pairs and have even been
shown to be happier when living with a roommate. So pair
these guys up so they'll have a friend and companion (but
don't forget to make sure the pairs are of the same sex).

- Not only are dwarf hamsters cuter than other hamsters (shh!
don't tell the other hamsters I said that!) but their small
size makes them that much more adorable as well. These guys
grow to only four inches - tops - in length and can easily
fit in the palm of your hand.

- Dwarf Hamsters are gentle, sweet animals and although they
may be shy at first, once they are tamed and trained, they
love to play and to be held.

Anyway - it seems that BoomBoom, one of my Dwarf Hammies,
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Complete Guide to Dwarf Hamster Care" - he's just so happy
with all the Dwarf Hamster tricks I've picked up over the
years from breeders, and veterinarians like:

- How to make our Dwarf Hamsters like us better

- All about common dwarf hamster illnesses and the simple
things that prevent them (ie. using the proper bedding for
their cages)

- The Optimal dwarf hamster diet, including which fruits and
vegetables are nourishing, and which our little hammies have
trouble digesting

- Exactly how to train your dwarf hammy - (and get him to do
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Anyway - BoomBoom really wants me to get you to take another
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All Our Best,

George and the Dwarf Hammies :-)

George Grayson
Author of "The Complete Guide to Dwarf Hamster Care"

PS - The dwarf hamsters you buy in the pet stores vary
dramatically in age, so it may be difficult for you to
determine exactly how old your new pet is going to be.
However, if you buy from a breeder, you should try to find a
hammy that is no younger than four weeks old, and no older
than 3 months old (preferable closer to 2 months).

Even if you do purchase your dwarf hamster from a pet store
or adopt him from a rescue, there are things to look out for
and questions you can ask to make the adoption a successful

How To Potty Train Your Dwarf Hammy

Here is another valuable lesson from "The Complete Guide to
Dwarf Hamster Care" (you can find the full book at the URL

The secret to potty training your dwarf hamster:

And the real secret here is that it doesn't take any
training at all.

It's true! Hamsters - much like cats - are fastidious about
their cleanliness. If you don't supply them with a litter
box (which you can buy at any pet store) they'll dedicate
one corner for their bathroom. And that's not necessarily a
bad thing.

In fact, depending on the size of his cage, he may set
himself up with several bathrooms. (Who wants to travel too
far when Mother Nature calls anyway?) The larger the space
you provide your dwarf to roam, the more bathroom areas
he'll probably create.

Your hamster will use the bedding of the cage and other
shavings as his restroom. You'll need to clean it out every
day, though.

If you don't want to buy the guy a litter box, you can
always provide him with a "homemade" container. A small jar
with a large mouth opening can work fine for a litter box.
While this, too, will need to be cleaned every day, it'll
save you from having to clean the bedding daily.

If you decide to buy a litter box, you have two styles from
which to choose, a rectangular style that fits up against
any wall in his home or a triangular shape. The triangular
litter box is perfect for a corner.

Carefully observe exactly where your pet goes to relieve
himself. Then you'll know where to put the litter boxes.

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You'll be glad that you did!!!

Warm Regards,

George and the Dwarf Hammies :-)

George Grayson
Author of "The Complete Guide to Dwarf Hamster Care"