Protect Your Dwarf Hamster‏

today we'll be talking about
a particularly harmful dwarf hamster disease.

Yes, it's true! Your dwarf hamster has the potential, when
you bring him home, of getting a disease known to hamsters
and several other animals as wet tail.

And this is no easy feat, considering that the majority of
dwarf hamsters don't even have tails. Wet tail is the more
common name of a disease - usually brought on by stressful
situations and less than clean conditions - in which your
hamster has developed a serious case of diarrhea. Hence the
name, wet tail.

Wet tail, however, is far more than just a bad case of the
"runs." The diarrhea is caused by bacteria that can, within
48 hours, be lethal to your new friend. So, when you bring
your friend home, even though you don't want to touch him
much initially (as mentioned in the lesson on getting your
dwarf hammy to accept you), do check in on him frequently.

If your new hamster has wet tail, he'll appear lethargic,
will not have much energy, he won't want to eat and he'll
stop grooming himself.

You can also tell by the look in his eyes that something is
not well. The eyes will appear dull and sunken. The hamster
affected with wet tail may sit "hunched up" (you'll know
this as soon as you see this!) and he may be irritable. The
irritability is quite understandable since he's in quite a
bit of pain in the abdominal area.

If you notice that he has a bad case of diarrhea, take him
to the veterinarian immediately. Don't hesitate.

You'll want to make sure, though, that you find a vet that
is knowledgeable in rodents. Not every animal doctor is!

**Remember, wet tail is usually brought on by stressful
situations and less than clean conditions - the better you
care for your dwarf hammy, the healthier he'll be.

Here's to happier and healthier dwarf hammies!

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All The Best,

George and the Dwarf Hammies :-)

George Grayson
Author of "The Complete Guide to Dwarf Hamster Care"

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