How To Potty Train Your Dwarf Hammy

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The secret to potty training your dwarf hamster:

And the real secret here is that it doesn't take any
training at all.

It's true! Hamsters - much like cats - are fastidious about
their cleanliness. If you don't supply them with a litter
box (which you can buy at any pet store) they'll dedicate
one corner for their bathroom. And that's not necessarily a
bad thing.

In fact, depending on the size of his cage, he may set
himself up with several bathrooms. (Who wants to travel too
far when Mother Nature calls anyway?) The larger the space
you provide your dwarf to roam, the more bathroom areas
he'll probably create.

Your hamster will use the bedding of the cage and other
shavings as his restroom. You'll need to clean it out every
day, though.

If you don't want to buy the guy a litter box, you can
always provide him with a "homemade" container. A small jar
with a large mouth opening can work fine for a litter box.
While this, too, will need to be cleaned every day, it'll
save you from having to clean the bedding daily.

If you decide to buy a litter box, you have two styles from
which to choose, a rectangular style that fits up against
any wall in his home or a triangular shape. The triangular
litter box is perfect for a corner.

Carefully observe exactly where your pet goes to relieve
himself. Then you'll know where to put the litter boxes.

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