A Happy Home For Your Dwarf Hammy‏

There are a few very important things people need to know
about dwarf hamsters ASAP. Especially because they are so
much smaller than the average hamster.

Here's one of them ...

You might be familiar with wire cages for hamsters. And
while you may be tempted to buy one of these, think twice
about it. Why? Because of the size of your new friend.
These guys are so small, they can slip right between the
bars of a wire cage. And finding a pet this small can be
quite a chore! Besides, it's not safe for your dwarf hammy
to be roaming free. Your house has plenty of hazards and it
can be especially dangerous if you already own a dog or a

The ideal happy home for your dwarf hamster is actually a
plastic cage. He won't be able to slip through the cracks
and you can always add traveling tubes and other nifty
additions when the time is right.

He'll certainly appreciate this as well.

And while you're creating this home, make sure you buy
your new buddy a hamster wheel. His ancestors in the wild
had to scurry around for up to three miles or more just to
find food. So he's got some "built-in" genetic needs to
exercise - and exercise a lot. Just one word of caution in
choosing the wheel----don't buy one that has those metal
rungs. Nope. Dwarf hammies have tiny little feet. And
these cute little feet just might get caught and injured on
a wheel with rungs. So find one with a flat running surface.

Thanks for listening,

George and the Dwarf Hammies :-)


George Grayson
Author of "The Complete Guide to Dwarf Hamster Care"

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