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Hey - Did you think you had two girls or two boys in the
same cage only to find that Henry became Henrietta? And you
only discovered this because Henrietta gave birth to even
smaller hamsters than herself?

Well, that's one way to jump into the breeding of dwarf
hammies. It's not the recommended method, that's for sure.

No, to be a successful hamster breeder, you need to know
your males from your females right from the start. And more
than that, you really need to know a little bit about the
genetics of their parents as well. After all, you're going
to have babies, and you'll want to make sure that not only
will they be pretty, but healthy as well.

The best age to breed a female is at about four months. Once
the female reaches the age of four months, you can put the
proud parents to be in the same cage. But be careful how
you introduce the two. Dwarf hamsters, the darling little
things they are, do have some territorial issues.

You can take the female and place her in the male's cage.
Or you can place the couple together on some neutral
territory. But don't place the male in the female's cage.
Your couple will take it from there. They'll sniff each
other. You'll notice the female freezes in a distinctive
position with her tail in the air. If the male hamster
hasn't mated before, he may get a little confused at this

This mating dance is best done in the evening as that's when
female hamsters, being the nocturnal creatures that they are,
come into season. They can stay in season for anywhere
between four and 24 hours. A female is fertile for only the
first year to 14 months of her life. But, evidently, nobody
has bothered to tell her that. She continues to come into
heat even after she attains this age.

Let me just clue you in on something, though. When your
female does get pregnant, she can have between 6 and 12 pups
(that's what the babies are called!) in a litter. I suggest
that you be prepared to know what you're going to do with
the young before they are born, because the females will be
able to have little ones themselves within just a few short
weeks of being born!

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George Grayson
Author of "The Complete Guide to Dwarf Hamster Care"


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